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Asset Management Quanta
Flowspring's Asset Management Quanta is a monthly compilation of the most important trends and statistics in the asset management industry. This particular report was compiled as of January 2019 to give an accurate picture of the global open-end and exchange-traded fund landscape. It contains information relating to the distribution of assets, changes in assets, trends in fees and fund launches, and emerging investor preferences. We present this report without commentary so as to provide updated data in a timely manner, and to allow the data to speak for itself.
The Price is Wrong
How much to charge for an investment product is a decision asset managers wrestle with daily, and the financial implications of that decision are staggering. We analyze a universe of more than 20,000 global shareclasses of open-end funds and ETFs through the Flowspring Global Pricing Model and Flowspring Global Flow Model to make sense of the rapidly changing pricing landscape for investment products.
Rationalize This!
The number of mutual funds and ETFs has grown significantly over the past several years. Many of these new launches struggle to gain assets in the increasingly competitive asset management environment. Consequently, rationalization discipline is key to maintaining a strong product line-up that can grow, remain resilient to market conditions, and accrete value to a firm’s brand. We’ve developed the Flowspring Rationalization Recommendation to help asset managers with a starting point for analyzing struggling funds.
Distribution Domination
An asset manager could have the most attractive product line-up among all its competitors, but without distribution, they will flounder. The necessity of distribution is only growing stronger as the industry becomes more competitive. Using the Flowspring Global Flow model, we quantify the skill of distribution companies to determine the most elite fund distributors thus far in 2018.
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