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Looking Back and Moving Forward
The asset management industry was faced with a range of challenges and opportunities in 2022. The Federal Reserve’s rate raising campaign collided with headwinds faced by a number of companies who were not able to maintain the pace of their post-pandemic rebounds, leading to significant market losses and historic fund withdrawals. Nevertheless, the industry demonstrated its resilience and ability to adapt through its continued evolution and innovation.
Liquid Alts - Will the Cream Rise to the Top?
In a complex and competitive market, alternative investments continue to gain traction as a tool for hedging against the traditional 60/40 portfolio. Through a wide range of investment types, alternatives claim to provide a hedge when traditional approaches fail to produce yield. Are these investments actually increasing in assets under management? How can asset managers stay informed about benchmarks and predicted flows in this space? Flowspring, our predictive analytics tool for asset flows, can serve as an integral part in answering these questions, leading to faster and more accurate decision-making.
Investor Preferences Are the Signal in Fund Flow Noise
There may be no industry so inundated with data as asset management, yet asset managers still underwhelm with their ability to create commercially successful products, suggesting that asset managers struggle to draw insight from the data available to them. Investor preferences may be the most important measure for asset managers given their impact on every facet of the business. In this paper we investigate how asset managers measure investor preferences and find that a more rigorous statistical approach could yield significant financial benefits for asset managers.
COVID-19 Asset Management Weekly
Our weekly summary of the evolving COVID-19 pandemic. This report is meant to provide a repository of relevant data to evaluate ongoing health, market, and asset flow impacts which may aid your decision making.
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